Wednesday, October 31, 2012

B.E.A.M. Food Drive & Sweater Drive


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Report Cards

Report cards will be distributed on Friday via students.  Parents, please ask your children to give you those report cards!  The policy for Learning Recovery has changed.  Students who have earned a D or F can apply for Learning Recovery if they have completed at least 75% of the work.  All core courses have learning recovery assigned via Compass Odyssey.  Dual Enrollment classes are not eligible for Learning Recovery as those classes are governed by FSCJ not DCPS.  Students must ask the teacher for Learning Recovery. 

Don't forget, parents can monitor student grades throughout the quarter via Oncourse aka Grade Portal.  If you do not have your username/password yet, you can get your information by coming to guidance and presenting your photo id between 7a and 2:30p.

9th Grade Emailing List

Ms. Sasan is attempting to start an emailing list to distribute pertinent 9th grade information to parents.  9th Grade Parents- to join the list, send Ms. Sasan an email stating your student's name and email address you would like to add.

Sasan can be contacted at

Communication is key!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

National Honor Society

It's that time of the year!  Any junior or senior wishing to be a part of National Honor Society should pick up an application from Ms. Johnson in room D13 or Ms. Andrews in room F12.

All applications and documentation MUST be turned in by November 13.

College Visits!

Here are a couple of the upcoming college visits.  Remember, to sign up with Ms. Dean in guidance.  She'll give you your pass to attend the meeting.

  • North Florida Beauty Acadamy Oct. 30th Tues 8:00 Guidance
  • South Florida Univ. Oct. 30th Tues 9:00 Guidance
  • Florida Internation Univ. Nov. 1st Thur By Apointment- On Site Admissions!
  • Alabama Univ. Nov. 16th Fri 9:00 Guidance

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Changes in Guidance

New counselor at FHS:
As you may have noticed, Ms. Kirkland (junior/senior counselor) retired at the end of September.  We now have Ms. Besley taking care of her case load.  Ms. Besley came to us from Mandarin High. 

Change to the blog:
There is now a 'follow by email' box to the right of this blog.  If you enter your email there, you will receive emails stating that there are new posts on this blog. 

Also, you'll notice that there is a calendar with rolling events.  We hope that this will keep students and parents up to date on activities going on in guidance.  Don't forget to check out to see the Fletcher High School calendar as well.

UNF Test Prep

UNF offers SAT and ACT prep on their campus.  The cost is $495.  Check out the website for complete details.



As I receive information on other test prep opportunities, I will post them here on the blog!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

USF Open House

USF in St. Petersburg is hosting an Open House on November 10th at 9am.  Register for the Open House on their website:

On a related note, if you apply for admission to USF by November 10th, you will find out your admission decision by Thanksgiving!  Good luck to you all who are attempting to get in to USF.  :)

Upcoming College Visits at FHS

AVEDA Institute (Beauty) Oct. 24th 10:00 Guidance

North Florida Beauty Acadamy Oct. 30th 8:00 Guidance

South Florida Univ. Oct. 30th 9:00 Guidance

On Site Admissions : Florida International University  Nov. 1st By Appointment

Alabama Univ. Nov. 16th 9:00 Guidance

Remember, juniors and seniors should sign up prior to the visit by going to guidance.

Istanbul Cultural Center Essay Contest

Istanbul Cultural Center at Jacksonville presents an exciting essay contest for students and teachers in Jacksonville with the partnership of Florida State College, Duval County Public Schools and Istanbul Center of Atlanta.  The Theme of this year's essay contest is: "The Human Footprint on the Environment: Impacts & Solutions"

The Awards Ceremony of the Jacksonville Contest will be held as one event and will take place at FSCJ within the months of March or April (Exact date and venue to be announced). Please check the contest website for updates.

1st Place:
Trip to Turkey for the student, the teacher and their local district superintendent an Ipad for the student
a $100 Gift Card for the sponsoring teacher

2nd Place:
Trip to Turkey for the student, the teacher and their local district superintendent, a $200 Gift Card for the student, a $75 Gift Card for the sponsoring teacher

3rd Place:
Trip to Turkey for the student, the teacher and their local district superintendent, a $100 Gift Card for the student, a $50 Gift Card for the sponsoring teacher

4th Place:
a $75 Gift Card for the student

5th Place:
a $50 Gift Card for the student

6th through 10th Places:
a $25 Gift Card for the student

This year all the winner submissions in Jacksonville will compete in state wide contest and then winners of the FL state will compete in the Southeastern Regional Contest including the states of GA, AL, SC, FL, and TN.   The contact information for the contest is: Address: 2032 Southside Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32216
Phone: (904) 290-1877

For full details please visit their website.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Big Brothers Big Sisters at FLETCHER!!

Students who are interested in participating in Big Brothers Big Sisters should come to an informational meeting on 10/24/12 during lunch in the Administrative Conference Room.  Mrs. DeCarlo, coordinator for Bigs in Schools, will be coming to Fletcher High School to discuss the program to our students.  Students who participate in the Bigs in Schools program will get volunteer hours.  The information session will let students know what their responsibilities and program expectations.  Bigs in School can provide bus transportation to and from volunteering events. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

SAT and ACT now REQUIRE your photo

Hopefully by now, you are aware that both the SAT and ACT require that you upload your own photo for identification purposes.  You must upload the picture to the test organization's website or application (app). 

How to upload your photo for ACT:
Phone app:  ACTPhoto

How to upload your photo for SAT:

If you cannot get a digital photo to upload for ACT or SAT please make an appointment your counselor so that we can assist you with this process.  Remember, it is now mandatory that you provide ACT/SAT with a digital photo and they will not make any exceptions.