Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer Ideas

Fast Facts about…
Summer Activities and Reminders
for High School Students

Graduating Seniors
·      Make sure you have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid application (FAFSA) and received a response from colleges.  Bright futures funds will not be released in the fall without this.
·      Amend your Bright Futures application to show the college you actually plan to attend.
·      If you plan to play sports in college make sure you have a final transcript sent to the NCAA Clearinghouse.
Rising 9-12th graders
·      Research colleges over the summer. Who offers a degree program you are interested in? What are the application deadlines? What does the college’s Freshman Profile look like (GPA, test scores)? ,, and are great resources.
·      Still need higher ACT or SAT scores for college admissions, graduation, post secondary readiness or Bright Futures? Try these FREE websites for test prep
·      Research Bright Futures eligibility requirements
·      Start doing community service work. Bright Futures now requires community service for all three levels of their scholarship. Once a student is promoted to ninth grade they can start earning hours. Check out the district guidelines online at , or get the verification form at
·      Need ideas for community service? Try Hands On Jacksonville
·      Create a portfolio of all the different activities you have participated  in- clubs, sports, community service, and work activities. Make sure to include any leadership roles you have taken on.